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How to motivate yourself in 5 simple ways

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You may not know how to motivate yourself but no matter how simple or technical it is, motivation plays a significant factor in achieving your goals. Without it, it will be increasingly hard to have the motivation to go after what you at first set out to do.

How can one remain motivated all the time?

Even when you set goals, there needs to be reasons behind these goals. Start out with your “why” as this will bring your motivation back and will help you finish the task.

Even when you’ve never been the type of person that knows how to motivate yourself, discussed below are 5 rock-solid ways how to motivate yourself and work towards your goals.

How to motivate yourself:

1.Visualize your goals

When you set an objective, paint a picture of what you will achieve when you accomplish your objective (for instance, picture the graduation gown you will wearing, imagine the employee of the month you will get etc.

Your attitude plays a great role in your overall motivation. You will notice that people work towards similar goals differently.

That’s because the perspective, how you perceive things matters.

If you make it up in your mind that come hell or high water, you’re going to work towards this or you’re going to work towards that nothing can stop you.

You need to find a way to work through, above or around situations. It’s time to stop to give in the setbacks and obstacles that you encounter.

Depending on how you look at your goals in life, you can be motivated to do just about anything and maintain that motivation.

Before you can believe in a goal, you first must have an idea of what it looks like; envision the outcome.

Using visualization techniques to focus on your goals helps to activate your subconscious mind that will trigger ideas associated with the success of those goals that you have.

Also, It activates the law of attraction. The more you see yourself with these goals, you will want to attract like-minded people towards you.

What you believe is what you receive.

Write it big and bold.

Place all over your room so you can see it.

Paste pictures beside each goal and familiarise yourself so it will be easier to work towards.

2.Accept your mistakes

how to motivate yourself

I must admit that everything will not run smoothly all the time. Things aren’t always going to be easy.

You will try to do things right, you will try to make conscious decisions to get things right.

You could follow everything spot on, things will go wrong. Get over it and move on. Stop living in regret.

Rather than BEATING up yourself for the mistakes that you make, use it as a learning platform every, mistake that you make, see it a way to build your more.

Never let making a mistake get you down and think that you can’t achieve anything.

Don’t live in regret. In each mistake, comes a lesson. Use them as chances to realize what not to do later on.

Show me someone who has always made a goal and perfectly achieved it; everybody makes mistakes.

What you should do is be daring, don’t fall in the habit of setting safe goals as a way of safeguarding yourself from failure.

When you do that, you will be ordinary. In life, you should be extraordinary.

The main distinction between one achieving their goals and one who doesn’t is how they treat their setbacks; its the means by which they treat their disappointments – champions learn from them, become more grounded, and continue onwards.

how to motivate yourself

This doesn’t mean you should deliberately expect to fail. Work for success. It simply implies that in the event that you fail along the way, understand it isn’t your last stop.

You have more life, more energy in you, and you will be restless until you get where you want to be.

We can’t prevent things from going bad, no matter how focused you are, but always should look positively at it.

3.Break down your ultimate into little pieces.

One of the greatest things people get wrong when going after a long term goal is taking a big approach and looking at everything as a one-time achievement.

When you’re looking at goals that are going to take months, a year, sometimes even more time, it’s very crucial to break down these broad objectives into more reduced manageable pieces.

This will enable you to get some direction on what you really need to work on to arrive at your goals.

Each time, you’ll feel accomplished when you check off something off that list things to do hence motivated to do something more.

When I’m attempting to a major goal, I start with the objective and after that, I record EVERY single task I can think about that will get me to that objective. The easy way to get this is done is to set SMART goals.

For instance, you’re are to trying to be more sociable. Make a rundown of EVERY move you’re going to make to get.

I mean REALLY explicitly. For example, every day for week 1 greet at least 5 people.

By the second week, move from just greetings to giving compliments.

On Sundays, find a social event to attend and so forth.
These, therefore, should be things that you plan for and give an account when you have done it.

Essentially, you want all your broad goals into something that can take on a day to day basis.

You won’t feel overwhelmed and reduce the chances of you being demotivated because you see these as smaller tasks doable, and as such, you will actually be interested in working on them.

Whatever you want to do, take some time, structure exactly what you want and how you’re going to go about getting there.

Just having an idea in your brain won’t keep you inspired as if they were on papers. Get some fascinating journals.

This was one of the approaches I took that kept me motivated. I wrote down each goal and how I planned to achieve it and every day I would journal my progress.

I see how I could improve so the next day I could work on something. This made me more accountable to myself.

4.Adopt a Different Strategy

When something doesn’t feel right or isn’t going as planned, it’s an appropriate time to search for an alternate way to work on a specific task.

Mark you, you might be doing everything accurately and most effectively, however, such an approach isn’t really the most propelling one to get that task done.

You can try a different strategy until you get the desired outcome you have, don’t ever settle.

Yes, many of us don’t have the luxury to have been born in a wealthy family where whatever we want, and because of that we constantly have to push ourselves 100 times harder.

Try, try and try again, if you try one way and it didn’t work, sit down think of ways you can not only apply something different to the situation but also come up with a plan to figure out how to motivate yourself.

This will allow you to stand still and see your way through so when the road gets rocky,

Just ask God for wisdom and understanding and he will equip you with the right resources.

There’s nothing he can’t do. You just have to align yourself with him, ask him for guidance, and without a doubt, you will succeed.

In any setback, saying “somehow” is powerful and effective. You’re saying to the situation, you’re speaking to the goals that you have.

Be passionate about it — that there is constantly a way; and probably, there’s more than one way, and I won’t stop until I get it done.

Don’t ever think that trying an alternate methodology means giving up. Failure is not an option -you must find wayss on how to motivate yourself.

My belief is that you should concentrate on your objective, but not restricting your alternatives by concentrating on only one approach to achieve it.

5.Reward Yourself

how to motivate yourself

Giving yourself a reward is a huge positive in terms of getting you motivated. This is one of the simplest and simultaneously most dominant approaches to remain motivated.

Do you fear the unknown about accomplishing something? Fear eating away your zeal? You’re not the only one.

From the start, break down each goal with a reward system. That will reward every time you accomplish a specific goal.

It’s okay to take a break, treat yourself a little, unwind. That will boost you to take on more tasks and face them head-on.

Make it even interesting by matching difficult tasks to have more appealing rewards.

Achievements of the goals that you set may not appear appealing to others or even deem it worthy of a reward, but you know what you want and if it means coming up with a reward system to keep you accomplishing those goals, then that’s what you should do.

You’re accountable to yourself for each of your goals. That’s a crucial thing to consider when you try to figure out how to motivate yourself.

The more reward you give yourself, the more motivated you will feel about setting more goals and working hard to accomplish it.

Assume responsibility, Be consistent in the ways you decide how to motivate yourself-ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

What do yo think of these ways on how to motivate yourself.?

How do you motivate yourself?

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