Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

5 Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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One of the most destructive habits we have is comparison syndrome. We need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People.

We ever so often compare our lifestyle, our possession, our abilities and talents to other people.

If you want to feel bad about yourself, one of the easiest ways to do that is to negatively compare yourself with others.

You look at social media, you look at people at work, even on the television, and then you look at yourself unfavourably.

These negative comparisons that you make sets you up to be unhappy. The rollover effect is that you will become jealous, feel inadequate and inferior.

You find yourself comparing the house that you live in, the jobs that you have, even to how popular you are on social media and so forth, and when you see someone doing better than you, for the most part, look down on yourself.

This doesn’t allow for your happiness. It only makes you feel less than and make you you feel like you haven’t accomplished much in life.

We all should admire people, esteem others and use them as role models, however, we shouldn’t place people on such high pedestals that we undermine our abilities.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People?

Follow these amazing tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People.

1. Be kind generally

There is actually a relationship between the way you treat others and how you treat yourself.

If you’re very judgemental of people, you will more likely to beat yourself up over mistakes that you’ve made. If you treat people kind, then you’ll tend to kinder to yourself.

Some may argue against this and may even ask for statistics but again, I’m only talking based on my experience. Yes, the more you develop the habit of loving people, you will gradually apply that habit of love and kindness to yourself.

So try to help others helping people and being kind. In helping people genuinely, it humbles you.

You will develop a habit of focus on the positive things in yourself and the people around you. You will learn to understand that everyone is different and unique.

You helped someone, didn’t you? Did it make you feel better than the person or were you humbled by the fact that you could’ve impacted someone’s life?

Values often drive passion and dreams and goals. What you value may differ from the person that you’re comparing yourself to, so it is not a fair comparison.

2. Don’t Praise Too Much

Maybe you have a role model who has accomplished so much.

Don’t praise that person so much that you can’t even think about what you want in life.

The thought that you don’t have what it takes to achieve a particular result may even tickle your mind but don’t feed thoughts that cause you to think negatively about yourself.

We are all humans. We all are capable to accomplish our dreams.

Stop shortchanging yourself; stop comparing yourself to other people negatively.

Sometimes you get lost in what they have accomplished that you neglect the fact that you can actually do it if you really push yourself.

That’s the difference between admiring someone and using them as a role model to achieve certain dreams and someone who praises someone’s ability that they think they can’t do it or even surpass it.

Admire someone yes, I’m all for that. They’re quite a few people I have as role model but I don’t value their experience and knowledge in such a way that makes me feel worthless.

You are your own person, and no matter how you try to mimic someone else, there will be something about you that makes the process different

stop comparing yourself to others

3. Just realize that there’s always someone ahead.

Just accepting this fact will make it far easier to stop comparing yourself with others.

Let’s be real here, no matter what your talents or skills are, no matter how well you think you can do something, one thing I can guarantee you, someone, somewhere out there is better at it than you.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

No matter how achieved and accomplished you think you are, someone out there has more knowledge than you.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push forward, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always try to be the best at something.

It simply means that okay if someone is better at something, it’s quite alright but I’m going to improve myself anyhow.

All you need to do is not get weary, do not feel like you’re less than, and just figure out a way to work and improve on yourself.

4. People’s “Public life” Vs Private Life

This is a fundamentally helpful habit to develop. If you’re not close to someone then you can’t accurately use what they show in public to judge the reality of their lifestyle.

People have a way of carefully showing social media the versions of their lives that they want to portray.

Similarly, as they go about their lives they paint a picture for all to see but is that truly what their lives are all about?

I’ve seen in many instances where the perfect relationship on social media falls apart in weeks. There’s no way a perfect relation can fall apart in weeks.

It simply suggest that you should aim to stop comparing yourself to others on social media because what you see in public generally or on social media may be a false representation of how they are truly living.

In the event that you find yourself comparing yourself with others on social media and begin to feel less than or not worthy enough, remind yourself that what goes behind closed doors, you don’t actually know.

5. Compare yourself to yourself.

Rather than comparing yourself to other people, develop the habit of comparing yourself to yourself. Do an assessment of your life and see how much you’ve accomplish.

This is the time to be refective. How have you grown over the past weeks, months, years? What are some major hurdles you’ve managed to overcome?

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

Are you consistent with achieving your goals? How committed you are towards fulfilling your dreams?

These are some important questions that you should ask yourselves as you work on yourself every day.

That’s the true comparison that you should practice. What progress you have made towards your goals?

This habit helps to create an attitude for gratitude, appreciation and kindness towards yourself as you reflect on your journey.

You can feel good about yourself without looking down on people. Your success and how you’ve overcome will help to boost your confidence.

On a final Note

Someone out there is wishing that they had what you have, or that they’d accomplished what you’ve already accomplished.

Give yourself a little credit for how far you’ve come in your life!

You underestimate yourself. You have so much good in you.

If you make up your mind to work hard, you’d be unstoppable so stop comparing yourself to other people.

You have a lot to celebrate and be grateful for – this is your journey, and you are making progress every day.

Keep going, don’t give up, and don’t get caught up in the trap of comparing yourself.

Live a little man!

Break the cycle of feeling not good enough because you can stop comparing yourself to other people and it starts TODAY.

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