Using WPForm’s WordPress Polls; Spectacular Addon To Gain New Customers

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One of the easiest ways to engage with your audience is through surveys and polls. WPForm’s WordPress Polls give you an understanding of your audience’s behavior and experience. Fundamentally you can measure how satisfied your customers are.

WPForm is the ideal tool you need to keep growing your business because it’s an in-depth analysis tool. If you haven’t yet started your WordPress website, you can follow this step by step guide to get started.

Top reasons to Create a Survey Online in WPForm’s WordPress Polls Plugin?

(I) Capturing audience Concern

You can use WPForm’s WordPress Polls to create a survey online that captures relevant data from your audience directly. This allows you to address any concerns that your customers have so you can fix things that affect your business.

(II). Do Market Research

When you run a business, it is always important to make decisions based on the needs of your audience. You can do your market research. Get unique and targeted responses. For example, if you are a health coach or a life coach, you could survey to ask what products they would like to see so This can potentially increase your sales because you’re creating exactly what your audience wants.

(III). Track your audience behavior

  You can understand how loyal your audience is and how they treat your business by asking them a series of questions over a period of time in terms of how they see your brand. This will allow you to track how they are interacting with your content so you know what to improve on.

What makes this form the ideal form to use is that even if you’ve never set up a form before on your WordPress site, you can create the form effortlessly and make it accessible on your WordPress.

The whole idea of using a survey is to capture detailed analysis of your audience so you can know what they are not happy with and what they find satisfying-the only way you can get that information is through polls, and you get that with WPForms addons.

Features that make WPForm’s WordPress Polls stand out.

You get features such as: 

  • Likert Scales – This feature allows you to form questions to agree or disagree. After the polls are submitted, you will see a chart that shows the option that customers chose the most.
  • Net Promoter Scores – Get data on how your business performs. You can see how your business is performing by asking your customers specific questions and have them give a rating to rank you on a scale from 1 to 10. 
  • Star Ratings – You can add a ranking field with stars which allow Customers to indicate a score about a particle question. You can make the icons customizable as well.
WPForm's WordPress Polls

What differentiates WPForm’s WordPress Polls Addon from its competitors?

1. Customize Visual Reports

 Every question can be represented with reports instantaneously using WPForms real-time feature. Essentially, you can customize the appearance of the report to suit your brand. This way customers will even relate more to your brand.

Survey Reports Overview

2. Converting Old forms to Surveys 

What is even more interesting is that WPForm surveys allow previous forms to convert to polls. So, if you had several forms that you’ve used before you want to make into a survey, you can easily form fields into polls.

This feature will save you the trouble of having to create a survey from scratch. You can convert old forms to surveys by going to the settings option.

No other platform allows you to edit an already existing form and convert it to polls.

WPForms Surveys and Polls Addon- Enable Survey Reporting

3.  Real-time Reporting

With WPForms, you can get a real-time report for your polls showing the result right away when each person submits the form.

Poll Results Animation

4. You can Export Individual  Specialised Charts

Generally speaking, you can export charts in different sections of a survey whether you want to use it for an official purpose or you want to share it on your blog. Additionally, by the click of a button, you can choose specific charts that you want to export as either PDF or JPG.

This way you can focus on a specific area rather than having to print the entire survey  and then go through chart by chart until you find the one you want.

Export Survey Individual Items
Print Survey Reports - WPForms

5. Customizable Reports 

WPForms auto-selects the best-suited visuals for each question. But, if you don’t like the visual that is auto-populated, you can change it to suit your liking.


  • WPForms builder is user-friendly so it is easy even if you have never used a survey platform before.
  • You don’t have to start from scratch because WPforms have built-in templates that you can use to choose from.
  • Customers get a ‘thank-you message when they complete so this makes the experience very personal.
  • You can analyze the responses that you get right in the WordPress dashboard.


  • You don’t get extensive survey features with the free version of WPForms.
  • For some users, WPForm might be a bit costly. However, when you consider the features, you get with it, I would say it is worth every penny.

This is value for money.

This is an improved way to establish your brand. Get on board with WPForms’ WordPress Polls.

On a Final Note 

Frankly, WPForms Polls and Surveys is in its own league when it comes to taking surveys and polls. They have made interacting with customers interesting so much so that customers will without a doubt take your surveys and polls, and that is what you want.

 So in this WPForms’ WordPress Polls review, this is the ideal polls platform  for you to use. It is important to improve how your customers engage with your brand. One of the best ways for you to get that information is by doing surveys and  WPForm has made it easy for you. Follow their tutorial here.

I hope this post gave you much insight and inspired you to get  WPForms’ WordPress Polls.

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