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Learn how to brand your Pinterest account with this detailed tutorial for how to make Pinterest board covers.

Pinterest is amazing, and if you take on pinterest the right way, my friend you’re going to see huge benefits. In this guide, I’m going to go over how to create Pinterest board covers in under 15 minutes . I will also address:

  • What is a Pinterest board cover?
  • The ideal size for your Pinterest board cover
  • Steps to create Pinterest board covers
  • Tips for creating high-quality graphics
  • How to add a board cover on Pinterest

This is a very enlightening experience because all you need is 15 minutes of your time and one of the best drag and drop online application Canva.

 create pinterest cover board

Let’s get the ball rolling!

What is a Pinterest board cover? 

A Pinterest board cover should have your board name and visually show what your board represents. This allow visitors to immediately have a sense of the kind of pins you have in each board.

Why use Pinterest board covers?

If you want your Pinterest account to have a professional look consistently then Pinterest Board cover is something you’re going to want to do.

When you create Pinterest Board covers, you are able to showcase your brand by choosing the fonts and colours that you use. People will be better able to identify your brand.

Additionally, when you create Pinterest board covers, it helps with the amount of repins you get, it also helps with increase Pinterest followers, and most definitely, it helps with the amount of traffic you get on your website.

Pinterest board covers make your Pinterest account look professional and provides a great user experience without your profile looking too jam-packed and scattered.

This is an opportunity to launch your brand and grow your influence In front of your followers and anyone who encounters your pinterest account.

Image someone comes on your profile and see all these pins unorganized, they might not spend as much time engaging in your pins if they see all the long list of boards you have on your account.

However, the fact that you have board covers they are going to see you as someone who’s organized and will be inclined to follow you.

Making your Board Covers

I’ve said it like many times before, Canva is a lifesaver. This is my go to tool in terms of graphics. It is easy to use. If you’ve never used it, you can create a free account and just go through what it offers and become acquainted with its features.

To make you Pinterest board covers, you need to use the custom dimensions ” You should use 800 x 800 pixels.

The normal size to create a Pinterest board cover image is 600 x 600 pixels. However, if you want your board to be pinnable, then 800 x 800 is a recommended size as well.

make pinterest board cover

Now that you have a blank fresh area to work your blank design, it’s time to customize to your brand. Don’t make it too crowded. Go with a simple background.

make pinterest board cover

Add the name of the board and choose the font from your brand as well as, select the color palette and choose the color that you want to use.

You can select a background color and choose from what is provided or you add your own touch to it and use your brand color.

pinterest board cover

Once you’ve comleted with the design, you should save and download it .

A good SEO practice is to save the image with the keyword from the board you want to use as the image itself.

For example, if you created a board name success tips, you want to rename the image as success tips. You can change the name at the top right hand next to the share button.

When you download the image, it will automatically save file as the name you type there. If you want you can add your blog name as well where you see

Make pinterest board covers

Once you’ve renamed the file downloaded, go to your Pinterest account and select the (+) icon to add create a new pin. Use relevant keywords in the title, description, and select the most relevant board to add it to. Also, you should write a description for each cover board image you add. This description should be filled with keywords related to the title of that board.

cover board for pinterest

Then go back to board, select edit by selecting the small pencil icon when viewing a specific board. You select a change board cover. Select the board cover image that you just added and save it.

tutotial to create pinterest board cover

Whoop! Whoop! You’re done!


All you have to do now is rinse and repeat the process until you’ve changed all your board. Again, this is almost as important as making sure your profile is up to the Pinterest standards. If you haven’t read Make Pinterest account look professional, you could be missing out on some serious traffic getting to your blog!

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