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Making Money with ShareASale: A Comprehensive ShareASale Review

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Shareasale Affiliate Program is by far one of the most beginner friendly affiliate marketing program. this basically gives new blogger an easy chance to get access and make money online.

I am thrilled to be sharing information about Shareasale with you today.  The best part about Shareasale that I love is that regardless of your niche fashion, food, sewing, health and fitness, or personal development like me 🙂 and you will find loads of products to promote.

The next best thing about Shareasale is that it’s FREE to join. If you are looking to make extra money with your blog even as a beginner, you’re going to love Shareasale.

Do you want to get started on the easiest, most beginner-friendly way to make money with your blog?

Shareasale Affiliate Program Review

The best time to start monetizing your blog is now.

The best way you can start monetizing your blog from the start of your blogging journey is through affiliate marketing.

Alright, let me get in the good stuff. My friend let met me tell you this, you see Shareasale Affiliates, that is where the gravey is at.

 Shareasale Affiliate program

shareasale affiliate program

Today is an awesome day because I’m going to literally break down every step of the way to get started with Shareasale so you can start earning passive income.

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What is ShareASale ?

ShareASale is one of the most popular Affiliate Marketing networks that basically allows you to find products you can promote and earn a commission for every federal you make.

The awesome thing about is that it’s not limited to your blog, any kind of content you produce, this is one program you want to be apart of.

Again, it’s free to get started.

Shareasale has over 3,500+ Affiliate Programs across 40 different categories.

ShareASale wants to see you succeed so they have even put together a welcome series and training videos so you can get all the necessary help to not only launch a shareable account but be successful.

In essence, ShareASale is like acts like a middleman between merchants and affiliates

Who are Affiliates?

Affiliates are content creators or bloggers who promote products or service by doing written or video reviews on a blog in exchange for commissions.

Who are Merchants?

People in e-Commerce, entrepreneurs, sellers even bloggers who have their own service or product to sell can be merchants on Shareasale.

They pay people for the efforts they make to promote their products or services.

Shareasale is beginner-friendly, unlike many other affiliate network program Shareasale affiliate program doesn’t require you to have a huge amount of traffic to your blog for you to sign up and start earning money blogging.

I can confidently say that this is ideal for you to start monetizing your blog.

Want to start making some serious moiney in affiliate marketing? If yes continue reading

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How To Join ShareASale Affiliate Network

Its pretty simple to get signed up for ShareASale Affiliate Network. The one thing you must have in order to sign up is your own website.

Don’t have a website as yet? Not a problem, this detailed guide will get you up and running with setting up your own website.

Follow this easy 5-step affiliate sign-up process to become an affiliate member in no time.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Step 1: Create a ShareASale account.

Sign up for a free account on Shareasale by Clicking here 

You’re going to be redirected to the On the homepage, click on the  â€śAffiliate Login” button in the upper right-hand section of the page, or click on the button that says “I want to promote this merchant on my website”.


You will then be brought to the signup page where you will be required to fill out your login information – creating a username, password, confirm the password and choose what country you live in.

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick

Step 2: Type in your website information

It is crucial that you complete this step as this is important as this determines whether you will be rejected or approved.

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick
  • Please ensure the website that you enter is functional.
  • Then you are going to choose the language of your website.
  • Next, Shareasale is going to ask you some questions about your website. select the options that apply to you.

Step 3: Enter your email address

If you want to be approved quickly on the ShareASale Affiliate Program, I recommend using an email address from your domain name. For example

Popular web hosting providers such as Bluehost is the best web hosting provider that gives free email associated with your domain.

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick

You can use this pin number for technical support. It will verify your ShareASale account when receiving assistance.

Step 4: Your payment information

How to Join ShareASale to Make Money Online. thinkmaverick

  • The last step is to choose your payment method. You have the option to receive payment by check or direct deposit.
  • If you’re not sure, you can decide later by clicking â€śChoose later” to configure it later.
  • Click â€śComplete sign up” to submit your application.
  • You’ll then receive an email from ShareAShare, click on the confirmation link.

A few affiliate programs that are on ShareASale include:

That’s it. Now you’re on your way to becoming an approved affiliate with ShareASale.

Next, you just need to need to find some amazing products to promote to your audience.

How To Find a Product in Shareasale To Promote on Your Blog

Once your application is approved, follow these steps as shown below to find a product or service in your niche that you can promote.

  1. Go to the ShareASale website, click â€śAffiliate Login” and sign in.
  2. Go to â€śMerchants” then select â€śSearch for Merchants”.

How To Find a Product in Shareasale To Promote on Your Blog

If you already know the merchant you want to join, you can type the name of the merchant in the keyword search box and do the search.

Also, you can browse by categories or enter a keyword into the search box.

How To Find a Product in Shareasale To Promote on Your Blog

When Find the merchant, click the “Join Program”.

Next, read and agree to the program agreement, then click â€śJoin this program”.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the approval. You will be notified by email.

Once you get signed up for Shareasale Affiliate Program here are a few affiliate programs on ShareAShare that you’re going to love join and promote:

How To Create an Affiliate Link from Shareasale?

how to use ShareASale to make money blogging. Thinkmaverick

you’ll need to add link or banner to your blog inorder to start promoting a Sharesale product.

  1. On your dashboard, hover your mouse over the  â€śLinks” option and select “Get a link/banner”.
  2. You’ll see the list of merchants you’ve been approved for.
  3. Select the merchant you want to promote and click â€śGet links”.
  4. It will take a page where you can select, Banners, Text Links, Create Custom Link, etc.
  5. You want to get a text link, so click â€śGet HTML Code” and you will see a link as seen belowhow to use ShareASale to make money blogging. Thinkmaverick
  6. A quick tip: What I do is use a free WordPress plugin Pretty Links to shorten this link to make the affiliate links more professional.
  7. Once you’ve created the affiliate link, place them on your website.
  8. Simply copy the link an add it anywhere you want on your website.

How I Make Money from ShareASale Affiliate Program?

1. You can write Guides and Review or Blog Post  

I tend to write reviews and guides about products/services which I use directly on this blog so I will have a personal experience with the product.

You’re going to love making money from your blog.

You want to add images in your post so readers on your blog can see what to do along with reading.

Dont ever forget to use your affiliate links in your blog posts.

When anyone clicks on the links from your post and page, it will be linked to yur affiliate login and register a commission once someone purchase or sign up through your link.

2. Create a Resource page on Your Blog

Additionally, you can create a resource page on your blog to promote affiliate products. Click here to see an example of my resources page.

As you can see, I also have my resource page listed on the main menu bar of my blog. 

3. Use Banners, Widgets and Links

One sure way of placing your affiliate links on your blog is by placing banners and widgets on your blog.

You are guaranteed to get more visibility and your click-through rates are going to increase.

I hope you enjoyed this article. What do you think about Shareasale Affiliate Program is something that could work for you?

Please share the love.

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