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10 Compelling Reasons to Consider Blogging

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Have you been playing around with the thought of starting your blog but not sure if it is your cup of tea? Wondering if your reasons to start blogging are good enough?

Maybe and you have been doubting yourself, if so, this post is going to be a good read for you.

In this blog post, I will talk about some key reasons to start blogging. After reading this post, I hope that the list below will inspire you enough to take action and start your blogging journey.

So many people start blogging to pass time while some blog as a way of making money online. Blogging isn’t hard.

Blogging is the best platform ever that you simply be you online. You might be thinking to yourself, if so many persons are starting a blog why should you start one today?

First of all, it is quite inexpensive to start. Blogging has a very low start-up cost: You only need to buy hosting ( Bluehost is the best- it’s only $3.95 a month) and a domain name for your blog.

For the complete guide on how to start your blog at a low cost, sign up for my free email course or check out my guide on how to start a blog here.

reasons to start blogging

Here are the 10 reasons to start blogging

Blogging Helps Other People

You can share your area of expertise and knowledge through blogging. You can address specific problems that people are struggling with and help them overcome.

For example suppose you want to go into “self Improvement” So many people want to improve themselves but don’t know where to start, or they give up easily you can start a motivation blog. 

So many of us tend to be so busy with life that we neglect to take care of ourselves. Start a self-care blog. This is one of the main reasons to start blogging; to essentially address someone’s problem.

Whoever blogs should address a certain concern and helps other people in some unique way. 

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you can be a source of inspiration.

It could perhaps be about the change morning routine, being productive, create a life of freedom.

It brings joy when I get a message from one of our readers that they took action, start their blog, and feel safe to just be themselves online.

Blogging Allows You To Confront Your Fears

One of the other reasons to start blogging is to confront your fears. Frankly, I was a very shy introverted guy who used to be afraid of being ridiculed, but at the same time, I had quite a few things I wanted to share. I would cringe even at the mere thought of putting myself out there.

Blogging was an effective way for me to break out of my shell. As an anxious introvert, I found it hard to put myself out there and allow my thoughts and ideas to be heard.

Blogging gave me a platform to be myself and control that space. Many bloggers out there have used this online space ongoing arena to help them get over issues they are struggling with. Sometimes the way to get over a fear is to face it head-on; blogging allows you to do that.

This may appear to be one of the simple reasons to start blogging but Writing about a topic you’re fearful of is a good way to help you work through those emotions.

Blogging doesn’t have to be structured turned one way all the time. You can write about topics you’re fearful of as well and share your thoughts to see who has a similar issue, and while you learn, you can help others overcome as well as provide tips.

Blogging Allows You to Learn New Skills

When it comes to blogging, there are so many things you have to do or run into at some point in time in your blogging journey. putting together top-rated content, getting your content seen, designing clockwork materials.

I’m talking about things like WordPress, SEO, basic graphic designing, editing photos, Email marketing, Copywriting. Affiliate marketing. Product creation, Pinterest marketing. 

These are only some of the skills I’ve tapped into and have grown tremendously. These are skills that I had very little knowledge of or no experience at all. If you like to challenge yourself, and if you’re addicted to learning then this will stand out as one of the reasons to start blogging.

I must say that the knowledge I gained at university is nothing compared to the lessons I’ve learned since I’ve started my blogging business.

I believe this is one of the better reasons to start blogging. After all, you will have to challenge yourself to learn new things which is valuable because you can even offer some of these services as a freelancer.

 Blogging Allows You To Share Your Passion & Knowledge

Having a passion is good. Being knowledgeable in a particular area is awesome but did you know you can share your knowledge with the world? Yes, you bet. You can make an impact on the world with your knowledge or things you are passionate about. Perhaps you’re a master baker, knitter, or gardener with years of experience.

Maybe you love organizing things, maybe you like traveling with friends on an adventure or with your family. You can help others to plan vacation trips with their friends and families. Maybe you like sewing, you can provide tips s for someone who has always wanted to sew but didn’t know where to get info, you can be a source of authority.

reasons why you should start a blog

Maybe you are into personal development. Many people can see you as a source of motivation, a source of strength to inspire people to cause a change in their lives. Of all the reasons to start blogging, this is the most impactful reason.

It may seem simple but this is a life-changing reasons to start blogging, people can see your blog as a one-stop-shop for hacks on living, tips to improve themselves, don’t underestimate this niche.

Blogging Allows You To Make Money

Yes, this is one of the reasons to start a blog I don’t care who out there wants to say you should never start a blog to make money, nothing is wrong with that.

It’s good to blog about what you’re passionate about but it is worth considering because later on down the road, you can monetize it

Let’s just call it as it –blogging especially these days can be a form of business. If you run a blog and make good money from it, so much so you can leave your 9-5 and be your own boss. –oh gosh–wouldn’t you want that?

Don’t be ashamed nor afraid to start a blog to make money because it is possible. I honestly believe blogging is one of the easiest business ventures to start online especially given that the cost to start a blog is quite low when you compare it with other forms of business.

You can get your blog up and running for as low as 3.95 monthly in less than 10 minutes but you can go very far with your blog and make a huge amount of money.

Blogging Boosts Your Confidence

Blogging will most definitely boost your confidence levels. When I just started blogging I was a total wreck, I was way out of my shell but I wanted to challenge myself so I kept going regardless.

It was quite scary to be putting myself out there and telling my story–making myself vulnerable to the scrutiny of people but there comes a time when you just have to close your eyes and gasp for breath, pray for courage and make a step, come out of your comfort zone.

I’ve learned to express myself better without fear. Blogging gives you the space to be true to yourself.

Most of your interactions will be done online so maybe you don’t fancy interacting with a large crowd and giving big speeches. When you blog, you can get time to gather yourselves after interacting with people (especially for introverts who it takes more out of them to engage with others.

This allows you get to improve your interaction and how you relate to others which makes your confidence grow.

Blogging Refines Your Writing Skills

The more you practice something you get better at it don’t you agree? Yes, by writing, and writing and writing blog posts, my style of writing has improved to match my audience.

If you blog then more likely you’re going to write quite a bit, so the more you write, your writing is going to improve. One thing you should never do is sit and wait for your English to spot on and perfect.

This is 21st-century blogging, people (doesn’t) I mean don’t ( LOL) always stick to grammatical correct on point. They often tone it down abit to match their audience.

Truthfully though, if you want to level and reason with your audience, yes, you’re going to ensure the content is readable but at the same time, you don’t always be formal and official in your writing.

Generally speaking, though there are bloggers out there who are more experienced can give you some pointers. It is always helpful to ask if you don’t know something but over time you will get better at writing.

As such, you don’t have to be a good writer for a successful blog. Many bloggers have become successful by writing content-not the perfect content but readable content so you start your blog today.

Like every skill that can be learned, writing is a skill. 

You can even invest in tools that help you with your writing basics like punctuation, spelling, the way you structure a sentence as you write. This tool is Grammarly in grammar checker tools, like Grammarly.

Blogging Gives You A Creative Outlet.

Blogging gives you a creative platform space to share ideas. You can talk about so many things without it necessarily affecting things that you do daily.

No matter how silly it is, it is your idea—you can structure however you want. By blogging your creativity will just flow. you will start seeing thinking about things more creatively. You can do all of that at home in your own little space on your own space online–your blog.

You have power over what goes on your blog. you are not limited by anyone over your head –approving anything before you hit that publish button.You can write anything that you want in your way from your perspective that’s creativity, my friend.

Blogging Increase Your Personal Growth

reasons to start a blog

No matter what niche you’re in, personal growth as a blogger is a must. Blogging causes you to improve yourself.

Things will go wrong in the world of blogging, some times you won’t get the result that you were expecting at a given time- so you grow to be patient. You however want to get a certain result and the only way to get it is to continue, push ahead—it teaches you determination and resilience.

You have to invest time and time and money into resources as work to see results—it teaches you to be diligent. It teaches you that though you may not see the results you want, you can take an initiative and seek opportunities that will get the outcome you want—it teaches you to be a risk-taker.

You will have quite a lot to do but you will learn to set time for specific events, training, webinars along with your responsibilities in blogging that you have to know how to manage time well.

You have to know the type of content to create and plan it with certain goals in mind—it teaches you to plan and set goals and be productive.

This is one of the roll-over effects from a bunch of the reasons to start blogging I’ve mentioned because these personal growth skills that you acquire can be applied in literally every area of your life.

I can say with assurance and that blogging has made me grown tremendously.

Blogging Allows You To connect With New People

There comes come a time in blogging, you will reach out to people., and people will reach out to you. You don’t just blog for blogging’s sake, you want to help and inspire your audience.

You can form true friendships that you wouldn’t have met outside of blogging.

You can build a brand through blogging, You can get invitations to go to all kinds of events associated with your niche. Many lives that your will touch, many will reach out to let you know your content has helped them.

Many friendships that you form, try to make them be long-lasting relationships. Communicate when you can and keep updated as much because good relationships go a far way.

Blogging Allows You To Be Your Own Boss

Yes, blogging can be a form of business. How would you feel being your own boss, work only when you feel like it, and no one is over your head pressuring you?

Being your own boss means doing things on your term and having to report to anyone. oh gosh—take a moment of silence and imagine that moment–getting up when you want, and doing what you want to do on your blog.

You can also decide how you want to monetize your blog. Once you put in the time and work, you can turn your blog into a business,

No managers, no supervisor–just you working, and seeing the results come in.

Blogging can give you freedom

When your blog does well and you become a full-time blogger, it gives you a lot of freedom and allows you to be more flexible to work as opposed to a person doing a regular 9-5.

Blogging is a great way to get to have freedom and live your dream life. The flexibility of blogging allows you to have a lot of time on your hand at home where you can spend it with your family. You can earn a decent amount of money so you can live the life you want and provide for your family.

Blogging gives you independence, it allows you to live the laptop lifestyle–work from anywhere.

If traveling is one of the things that you wanted to do blogging gives you that option,–enjoy the world. Live on your terms-doing what makes you happy-that is what freedom is, and that is one of the most satisfying reasons to start blogging.

On a final Note

There are many awesome reasons to start blogging Don’t think that you can’t or that you don’t have the resources to start. Stop thinking that you have nothing to say. You are a unique person with unique encounters, personality, and experiences; all of that makes you different.

So whatever your story is, once you have something to say and want to control that space–blogging is for you. So does blogging make sense? Can you start a blog today? You most certainly can.

Do you want to enlighten others, teach others? Do you want to want to inspire people to change their lives and become the better version of themselves? Want to experience some of the benefits of blogging especially making money passively then you can take a step and try blogging a try!

Which of these reasons to start a blog resonates with you? What are your thoughts on blogging overall?

Let us know in the comments below.

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