The Mission

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Davian Bryan

The mission

I inspire introverts to realize the power of their personality, live a happy and productive life, step out in  confidence and do what they love.

If you want practical self improvement advice and tips to be  slay confidence, achieve your goals and live your dream life, then you are in the right place.

This blog is here for you if you wants to…

 Find your life purpose.

Boost self confidence in yourself

 End procrastination, 

Be more productive & 
Be motivated to pursue your goals

Say WHA!

Some may think that daring your lifestyle takes much effort and constant work because there is always something to challenge in your life. 

You are correct. Life is never about complacency. If you don’t challenge the way you live, you will live mediocre because it means that some aspect of your life will be in stagnancy. Now is not the time to be living at one level. There is too much potential in you and there are too many people out there waiting to be impacted by it.

Get up and and get on with it.


What really inspires me? Why am I so passionate about confidence and living your best life let alone write about it?
Well, it’s quite simple.  I saw how holding myself back has taken away so much from me because of the insecurities I had, and I’ve spoken to quite a few people who just didn’t think they were enough. I  smile because I once was there and if I can change so can you.
All it takes sometimes is a push in the right direction, and it only takes someone who has been there. 
Too many talented people are hiding in their homes, hiding behind the internet. The world is waiting for you.  
I want to inspire people based on my own experiences. 
My mission in sharing my struggles and mistakes I made that I have made in life is to inspire others to avoid making similar mistakes and to realize that you can rise above challenges. 

Fountain of honey

There’s a fountain of honey in you.
There is a purpose-driven flame burning inside you. Let that light come out and shine.
Whatever your dreams are, they can be manifested. You just need to believe in yourself and put God at the forefront of your life and he will guide you through everything.
We all have had hard times, there’s no question about that, however, it doesn’t mean we should roll over and play dead. How about standing up and controlling the situation?
  Don’t be a quitter. If life hits you down, get up and fight.  I’ve had enough of living ordinary.
You want to be the most confident person, want to start an online business; and start making money through blogging, you can, and I am here to help you.

Be Extraordinary

Dare every area of your lifestyle, improve everyday don’t settle so.
I want to be EXTRAORDINARY. Don’t you?
Conquer that feeling of insecurity and believe -YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Let’s do this!

Davian Bryan